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How are Grapes Grown

Red Globe Grapes

Although they are commonly referred to as fruits, grapes are actually technically berries flowering off the plant genus “Vitis”, also known as vines.

Traces of the earliest grape cultivars date back to as far as 8000 years ago in the Near East, and they have been steadily popular throughout the world. Grapes are grown for various reasons, including wine-making, juicing or consumption.

Today, they are grown in over 20 countries around the world, with Spain, France, and Italy still dominating the global wine-making grape production, and China, the US, and Italy producing grapes for juices and eating purposes (also known as “table grapes”).

Whether you love to enjoy them as tasty natural nibbles or perhaps drink them in the form of delicious wine, grapes are some of the most popular fruits out there. The process of growing grapes is very straight-forward, yet each step towards a productive harvest is very delicate, requiring a perfect balance of temperature, climate, and nutrients in the soil.

Grapes are almost exclusively grown outdoors, requiring sunny climates and well-drained soil. The fruit grows on vines, which are commonly planted in rows, for easy access and flexibility.

Not all grapes are created equal: in fact, there are a wide variety of grapes, making for different flavors and taste profiles. Some of the most popular varieties include Autumn Royal - also known as black grapes, as well as Autumn King (characterized by their lush green coloration) and Red Globe. People enjoy eating grapes for their great sweet flavor and health benefits.

Dark or red grapes, in particular, are highly regarded for the high number of antioxidants, which can fight off the effects of aging and improve the health of your skin.

Many studies have shown that consumption of plant foods like grapes help to lower the risk of obesity, cancer, heart disease, high blood pleasure, constipation, and allergies. Winn Universal's table grapes are well known for its excellent flavor, quality, and good sanitary conditions.

Autumn King Grapes

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