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August 20, 2018

Winn Universal may be best known for its seafood. But the firm is increasingly broadening its product line.  Worldwide many origins of apple, avocado, blueberry, cherry, coconut, grape, grapefruit, kiwi, plum, orange, lemon ... all being shipped by us to China.  We meet our growers and exporters, and visit their farms and processing facilities.  Our growers and exporters visit our retail stores.  We believe that building relationships and trust are the most important factors to our success. 

It's no surprise to me that there're more and more people in China are passionate about buying premium imported quality fruits in China.  They tout  freshness and better quality.   The revelation that surprise me most is they lack of knowledge about seasonality of and growing regions for fresh fruits. They have little understanding of why, at certain times of the y...

October 1, 2017

Check out a cool article Zhongshan Network wrote about Winn Universal working alongside New Zealand Farmers to produce top quality imported fruit!

We have a long standing partnership with amazing farmers such as the New Zealand Apple Plantation Moffett Orchards, a legacy family business that takes pride over providing top quality conditions of growth and improvement of fruit varieties. 

Read Article Here

September 29, 2017

The Tilapia fish is a really high-rated culinary staple for all seafood lovers. It’s delicious, affordable, easy to prepare and readily available.

Due to its healthy properties, Tilapia is also perfect for any specific dietary requirements, including demanding paleo diets where every element really needs to be absolutely on-point in terms of freshness and quality.

Tilapia fish are full of benefits if sourced from the right distributors. At Winn Universal, we don't believe in using growth supplements or parasite killers that might be harmful to consumers. We make sure our seafoods and fruits are sourced sustainably and of the upmost quality.

Some tilapia fish specimens from fish farms would often consume corn and soy pellets, in contrast with the natural diet this fish would have out in the open sea. So in terms of prioritizing if a fish is fresh or organic, making sure your fish is...

September 22, 2017

Livermore walnuts are becoming increasingly popular for food aficionados and health-conscious buyers all across the United States.

With their distinctive red hue, Robert Livermore Walnuts have actually made a huge impact on the market, standing out as one of the most amazing new introductions in recent times. On the outside, they might look just like your regular walnuts, but there is much more than what meets the eye on the inside.

The stunning scarlet kernels of these walnuts produce a nicely contrasting flavor, that is often described as a great balance between a creamy mellowness and an underlying bitterness that adds body and contrast to this excellent variety of walnuts.

These walnuts, often also known as “blood walnuts” have relatively recent origins: in 1998, the selected variety was bred, and later patented in 2001, with a name honoring Robert S. Livermore, who was an influe...

September 15, 2017

Although they are commonly referred to as fruits, grapes are actually technically berries flowering off the plant genus “Vitis”, also known as vines.

Traces of the earliest grape cultivars date back to as far as 8000 years ago in the Near East, and they have been steadily popular throughout the world. Grapes are grown for various reasons, including wine-making, juicing or consumption.

Today, they are grown in over 20 countries around the world, with Spain, France, and Italy still dominating the global wine-making grape production, and China, the US, and Italy producing grapes for juices and eating purposes (also known as “table grapes”).

Whether you love to enjoy them as tasty natural nibbles or perhaps drink them in the form of delicious wine, grapes are some of the most popular fruits out there. The process of growing grapes is very straight-forward, yet each step towards a produc...

September 8, 2017

Cherries aren’t only extremely delicious, but they also offer a wide variety of amazing health benefits. Read on to find out more about some of the 4 most amazing health perks of cherries!

Antioxidants and Anthocyanin

Like many other brightly colored fruits or berries, cherries are particularly rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins, which actually help reduce the effects of aging, and improve the quality of your skin over time. Regularly eating cherries, or any other fruit that’s rich in such elements will help you embrace a healthier routine. Such antioxidants can also aid the prevention of tumors, cancer, and other health issues.

Fighting physical and mental stress:

Cherries have been shown to have a soothing effect on inflammation, reducing pain and increasing relief from pain. Such soothing effects also have a mental and psychological effect, as the consumption of cherries has sho...

August 25, 2017

Apples are perhaps the most well-known and widespread fruits around the world, although many people don’t know that much about their history. How did the humble apple come to be so popular, and grow into such a highly regarded food staple across so many different countries and cultures?

Read on to learn more about Apples with these 3 fun facts!

1) Apples and roses are actually distant cousins!

Did you know that Apples and roses are actually related? Apple trees do indeed belong to the rose tree family!

2) Apples originate from Central Asia.

Although apple trees are now extremely widespread throughout the entire world, it is now known that they originated from Central Asia. More specifically, they come from the south of Kazakhstan, where their wild apple tree ancestors are actually still around!

The ancestor of the common apple tree is known as “Malus Pumila” and only in 2010 did s...

August 13, 2017

Check out a cool online article from ZSToday featuring one of our long standing strategic partners from Moffett Orchards, New Zealand's apple plantation. 

Click to Read Article Here

Moffett Orchards were established in the 1960s and is a legacy family business. Their farms have been growing from their father's, and their farms are reputable in all of New Zealand. Moffett Orchard focuses on growing top quality apple varieties and constantly improve their sustainable growing methods compared to the general orchard. The result are superior, sweet tasting apples that you can't find anywhere else.

July 14, 2017


Whenever you eat the dark red, sweet, crisp, and juicy cherries, don't think that the cherry just has one universal taste. There are many varieties of cherries including their level of sweetness/tartness. Every year, cherries bring full of surprises and happiness to cherry fans one variety at a time...

每当你吃着深红馥郁,酸甜适中, 爽脆可口, 幸福满满的美国樱桃和任何国家的樱桃时, 不要以为樱桃就长着同一个脸蛋,甜甜脆脆的就一个口味哦。   樱桃有很多的品种。 它每年都会随着季节,气候,地区, 和国家的不同,而一个品种随着一个品种地出现,给人们带来观感 和口感的惊喜。  


  • Bing is the leading sweet cherry variety in the United States

  • Firm, juicy, deep mahogany red, and intensely sweet

  • Exceptionally large fruit of the finest quality

  • Called the King of Cherry

  • The Bing cherry was developed in the 1870s by horticulturalist Seth Lewelling and his Chinese foreman Ah Bing, for whom the variety was named after.


  • Developed at UC D...

July 7, 2017


Due to the limited volume of New Zealand greengage plum season runs for just a few weeks, the greengage plums are being marketed as a high-end product in China import fresh fruits. People just love its' sweetness and premium quality!       

近期内, 高品质的新西兰青李随着它的甜呀甜到心坎里滋味在中国的进口水果群里燃起了一股火热的旋风! 它的短季节和有限的产量更使中国的消费者抢也抢破了头。     

October 7, 2016

California Cherry

Washington Cherry

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September 15, 2017

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