We bring premium quality cherries such as Bing, Brook, Chelan, Coral, Garnet, Hazel, Lapin, Rainier, Regina, Royal Lynn, Sentennial, Skeena, Staccato, Sweetheart, Tulare, ect from around the world to our cherry fans.


Our New Zealand cherries are most popular during the Chinese New Year. They are grown in the Central Otago region.   


Central Otago is home to many famous New Zealand cherries. The region has its own unique climate. It's very cold in the winter and very warm and dry in the summer. This unique climate and abundance of natural resources of Central Otago make our cherries firm, sweet and big.


Also, don't miss out on our American cherries as well. We offer first class cherries with the best price.   

Cherry Variety:

Cherry Variety


Cherry Availability


*Minimum order one pallet


Cherry Exporting Size


Cherry Domestic Size
Garnet Cherries
Origin : U.S.A.
Tulare Cherries
Origin: Chile
Bing Cherries
Origin : U.S.A.
Rainer Cherries
Origin : U.S.A.
Kordia Cherries
Origin : U.S.A.
Skeena Cherries
Origin : U.S.A.
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