Smoked Salmon

We are committed to offering superior quality salmon without compromising the environment and welfare of our fish. 

You can find our premium Atlantic Salmon in grocery retail supermarkets across the United States.


Smoked Salmon - Arctic 

  • Responsibly raised in pure Arctic waters, our salmon is seasoned and smoked using specially crafted smoking methods to maintain premium quality and taste.

  • After being salted and seasoned, the salmon is gently cured under carefully controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

  • It is then slowly cold-smoked over a fire of locally sourced Beech Wood to create a delicate flavor and texture in keeping with its fine pedigree.

  • The most exquisite gourmet, pre-sliced, cold smoked center cut salmon nova. 

  • All dark meat, borders and ends have been trimmed off, leaving only the center portion of the fillet.

  • 100% natural Arctic salmon fillets from the pristine waters. 

  • May be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months.

  • We are sure you will love this product. Send someone you love a fresh, delicious and innovative gift. Great option for in-home events, caterers, restaurants, and food service companies.


Our Smoked Salmon  

  • Product of  Germany

  • Packing:  2 – 3 LB / PIECE, 5 PIECES / CASE, IVP,                                AVG 12 - 13 LB / CASE

  • Packed with Omega -3

  • Can fight depression and anxiety, improve eye health, promote brain health during pregnancy and early life, and decreases risk factors for heart disease.

  • No antibiotics

  • No added hormones

  • No GMO

  • Traceability:  We guarantee all our fish can be traced back to its origins, from the very boat & fisherman it came from.

  • Untreated Nets:  While chemicals do inhibit algae growth, they also leak into surrounding waters, making the fish and ocean unhealthy. We use lump-suckers and manual power washing to naturally keep our nets clean.  

What makes our Salmon pink?  

  • Both wild and farmed salmon are pink in color because of what they eat. 

  • In nature wild salmon eat carotenoids from crustaceans such as shrimp or krill. 

  • Carotenoids are an important part of the salmon diet as it provides a vital source of vitamin A. 

  • We use a naturally derived carotenoid called Panaferd.  Panaferd is a natural bacteria that is comprised of astaxanthin, an antioxidant.

For more information regarding our Salmon, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you.