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We Are Registered Brands

Sweet Piccola Brand

Sweet Piccola offers premium quality fresh fruits such as cherries, blueberries, grapes, and apples.  It is the most recognized brand of fresh cherry gift-box in China.  Most consumers, who often buy it said, "Sweet Piccola is a little sweetheart " !  People love it not because of its' beautiful and attractive box design, but because its' sweetness and freshness! 

Preziosa Brand

Preziosa My Precious has earned its market leading position within the fresh fruit sector in China and the US.  The key to our unique product design is our customers and our understanding of the way you love the fresh fruits.  We want customers to love, enjoy, and feel that our premium quality fruits are the products that will perform beyond your expectations and sense that, " These are my precious fruits!" 

Fairiolla Brand

Fairiolla is from two words, fairy and piccolla, means little fairy. Fairiolla grows in California. Fairiolla Red Walnuts are very rare and exceptional. People love its' original, natural and fresh taste. We believe that every little detail leads to success and even these small products, like our red walnuts,  help make big impressions!

Ocean Gem Logo -1

OCEAN GEM is a seafood brand since the beginning year of 2000.  True to its name, a very simple name but is the best tasting, finest quality sustainable seafood sourced naturally from local communities and around the world.  Flash frozen within hours of catch – locking in peak freshness, flavor, and texture. Fresher than fresh, just like the gemstone shines from the ocean. 


OCEAN FAIRY is a seafood brand for almost 10 years.   A fairy tale story starts with an adventure seafood journey across the world, believes that the fish is our future, because it’s the healthiest protein we can put in our bodies.  Ocean Fairy seafood is the purest, freshest, and best - tasting seafood you will ever buy.


SEAZAREIN is an ancient god of a big ocean.   Seazarein seafood is carefully raised, professionally processed, closely monitored, selectively distributed, and highly recommended and endorsed by the superior Vietnam Seafood Government Quality Control Officials. 

Preziosa Brand

Preziosa offers premium quality fresh fruits such as kiwis. It's a new brand that was just launched with the kiwi imported from Santiago, Chile. This kiwi brand is an expansion of the cherry brand as we plan to add more quality fruits under this signature brand in the near future.

Italo's Pride Brand

Italo's Pride offers is grown with care from the most southern place on earth, Chile.  As winter approaches, you can continue enjoying your favorite summer fruit, Italo's Pride Chilean blueberries. Its mission is to consistently supply top quality and safe Blueberries to the world markets and support market growth through innovative marketing investment. 

W' Dolce Brand

W'Dolce offers premium quality American cherries that is segmented for the luxury market. It's a new brand that just launched in 2017 that will be offered in boutique stores across the USA. We offer class 1 cherries at it's best quality and price.

Ocean Gemcon.png

OCEAN GEMCOM is a seafood brand we love to build in the seafood industry just like a gem icon that people are happy to buy and eat the product.  Someone said that no dream is too big.  We love to dream, carefully select, and maintain quality, so people will see, recognize, and choose us.  

LA MEJOR PANGA offers premium quality frozen seafood such as Swai Fillets and Fish.   This is a new brand that is newly launched and will be used in both retail and wholesaler seafood markets across the USA, China, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.    


WYNN' FRIED CHILI IN OIL  is a brand that we specially created for our chili sauce condiment, which has often used in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai restaurants for more than 10 -15 years.  It's loved by all chefs.  We believe a simple and easy lifestyle can bring us a happy and healthy life, just like this logo shows,  a winner is on fire, and all of us will be successful!



Life is an art.  Our Wynn' Spicy Chili Crispy is an art.  We add flavor and inspiration to our food and life. We want our product to be the fashion, winner, and your lifestyle. 

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