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Winn Universal is pro-active in establishing and maintaining long standing relationships with farmers, wholesale importers, and mills, which is a testament to our excellent track record in all our services.
Our trusted cotton professionals work tirelessly to secure timely market knowledge, ensuring all our information is up to date and accurate and being well prepared to enter mutually beneficial trading transactions.

Welcome to Winn Universal Cotton

We serve growers, buyers, and textile mills worldwide through our network of buying, selling,and  shipping. We are committed to achieving your objectives through trusted global expertise, proven reliability, and comprehensive risk management solutions.  We are committed to using our knowledge and experience to collaborate with customers to help them succeed.  As a leading agriculture commodities merchant with global supply chain and risk management capabilities, we are uniquely equipped to help you thrive.  

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Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in the world, and it provides the livelihoods for about 250 million people.  Cotton has a variety of uses:  fiber for textiles, cottonseed oil as a food ingredient, meal, and hulls from crushed cotton seeds in feed for livestock, poultry, and fish.

We partner with others to help improve sustainable practices for cotton production and contribute to industry and sector research.  These partnerships are helping to train farmers in best agricultural practices, provide them with access to markets, support health, and education programs in their communities.  We also partner with other organizations to drive improvements across the cotton sector and encourage responsible labor practices.

We offer several options for marketing your cotton, so you can maintain control in the trade and receive a higher profit. For producer-customers we will find reliable buyers, communicate the best basis, explain contract options and terms, deliver and interpret relevant market news, advise producers on a marketing strategy, and provide as much support as wanted in the execution of that strategy.  For buyer-customers, we will provide a large supply of cotton from a trustworthy source and deliver useful industry news. 

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