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Interesting History About Apples

Apples are perhaps the most well-known and widespread fruits around the world, although many people don’t know that much about their history. How did the humble apple come to be so popular, and grow into such a highly regarded food staple across so many different countries and cultures?

Read on to learn more about Apples with these 3 fun facts!

1) Apples and roses are actually distant cousins!

Did you know that Apples and roses are actually related? Apple trees do indeed belong to the rose tree family!

2) Apples originate from Central Asia.

Although apple trees are now extremely widespread throughout the entire world, it is now known that they originated from Central Asia. More specifically, they come from the south of Kazakhstan, where their wild apple tree ancestors are actually still around!

The ancestor of the common apple tree is known as “Malus Pumila” and only in 2010 did scientists discover that it is actually a progenitor of the modern-day domesticated apple through DNA analysis.

Today, we do have a great variety of apple types available, including Washington’s Red Delicious Apples, as well as New Zealand Queen, which are highly regarded for their texture and taste.

3) Making it smaller!

Did you know that Apple trees can be grown as bonsai trees? In case you haven’t heard of the term before, bonsai is actually a miniaturized tree, often planted in a pot for aesthetic and artistic value.

Even bonsai apple trees can actually produce flowers and fruits during the summer months! The fun thing is that bonsai apple trees will actually not produce miniaturized apples! They will produce regular apples, which are edible and tasty!

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