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Difference Between Fresh & Live Tilapia Fish

The Tilapia fish is a really high-rated culinary staple for all seafood lovers. It’s delicious, affordable, easy to prepare and readily available.

Due to its healthy properties, Tilapia is also perfect for any specific dietary requirements, including demanding paleo diets where every element really needs to be absolutely on-point in terms of freshness and quality.

Tilapia fish are full of benefits if sourced from the right distributors. At Winn Universal, we don't believe in using growth supplements or parasite killers that might be harmful to consumers. We make sure our seafoods and fruits are sourced sustainably and of the upmost quality.

Some tilapia fish specimens from fish farms would often consume corn and soy pellets, in contrast with the natural diet this fish would have out in the open sea. So in terms of prioritizing if a fish is fresh or organic, making sure your fish is being fed a natural diet is more significant.

Unlike wild-caught fish, farmed Tilapia features really low mercury poisoning levels. Tilapia is also particularly rich in terms of protein, while showcasing a remarkably low caloric count, making it a perfect option for anyone looking for a lean food to build muscle mass or stay fit.

Two of the most common ways to purchase Tilapia are certainly fresh or live. Fresh Tilapia can be easily sourced, and it is synonym with good quality and practicality, with very little impact on the environment.

On the other hand, live Tilapia can be bought and sourced straight from farms, and it really gives consumers the freshest option of all. You literally get to inspect the fish before the purchase and make sure you can get the best quality product.


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