Other Seafood and Poultry Products

Winn Universal supplies other seafood and poultry products such as chicken breast meat, chicken leg meat, fish balls, grilled eels, frog legs, ...... etc. We know our success depends on strengthening the communities where we live and work and on preserving our environment. We continue to evaluate what we do and how we do it in order to look for ways to become better each and every day.

Chicken Whole Leg
Fresh and Frozen Whole Leg
Pack: 40 lb/case
Chicken Thigh Meat
Fresh and Frozen Chicken Thigh Meat
Dry / Mar 5% or 15%
Pack: 40 lb/case
Chicken Leg Meat
Fresh and Frozen Chicken Leg Meat
Dry / Mar 5% or 15%
Pack: 40 lb/case
Chicken Whole Breast
Fresh and Frozen Whole Breast
Pack: 40 lb/case
Chicken Breast Meat
Fresh and Frozen Chicken Breast Meat
Dry / Mar 15%
Pack: 40 lb/case
Chicken Party Wing
Fresh and Frozen Party Wing
Pack: 40 lb/case
Winn Craw-fish
Whole Cooked Seasonal
Size: 16/22, 10/15,
Pack: 10 lb/case
Blue Shark Loins
Size: 5/up
Pack: 1/50 lb/cs
Periwinkle Meat
Size: 40/60
Pack: IQF, 24 lb/cs
Frog Legs
Size: 2/4, 4/6 oz
Pack: IQF, 6/5 lb/cs
Fish Balls
Pack: IQF
Tuna Saku
Size: AA Samshimi Grade A
Pack: Vacuum pk, 1/22 lbs/cs
Red Snapper Fillet
Size: 4/6, 6/8 oz
Pack: IQF, 10 kg, 4 lb/cs
Grilled Eel
Size: 8,10 oz
Pack: Vacuum pk, 1/22 lb/cs
Channel Fillet
Size: 4/6 - 10/12 oz
Pack: IQF, 10 kg / 4 lb/cs
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